Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY Entryway table

Hi everyone,
I finally got around to post some of the things I made to furnish my empty house. If it's not obvious by now, we moved into our new build house a while ago and since we have been living previously in a furnished rented apartment, we didn't have much to bring into the new house except for the cats ( I hope to present them to you all one day).

Our house has a narrow hallway at the entry through the front door and also a radiator on the wall.The problem was that every time you entered , holding keys, phone or everything else,you had to put them down on the floor in order to take of the shoes. So I thought of attempting to make my own entryway table that would have to be tall enough so it wouldn't interfere with the radiator so here is what I did.

After looking over the internet , I found some plans on that I adapted to my needs.

This is the image that inspired to make my own version. Full post can be found on Jaime's Costiglio blog inspired also after a Pottery barn table.
This is how my table end up looking .

Since the table is pretty narrow, I had to secure it to the wall with L brackets attached to the underside. As you can see I didn't make it so colorful as a child's play table .
And this is how it looks decorated. I must say that I had no idea I'll end up using the small paintings ( I had made them for one of the bathrooms ). Since we live in an open field, the flowers are meadow wild flowers.

The frame I had found on a flea market and painted it white and add a mirror to give the illusion of a larger hallway.
The green candle lantern is made by me by gluing some left over wood . I had seen a similar thing in a house decorating store here in Bucharest and after looking at the price tag, I decided it's best to make my own. So I end up buying from that place just the glass vase and the candle at a fraction of a cost since they were on sale.

After this build, I must decide what room to tackle next. I usually have a very limited budget and many times you;ll see me using scraps of wood or anything else I have at hand.See my next post about the entryway door mat.


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