DIY Yarn Ball Winder from Scraps

My attempt to have a yarn ball winder .

Yarn ball wider revisited - specifications-part 1

Some specifications about my yarn ball winder.

DIY entryway table

A place to put your keys, phone and mail.

Legwarmers/ Boot Cuff

Beginner's cable knitting project

Friday, April 10, 2015

Creations of yarn ball winder from knitters around the world

This post will be a collection of images from all over the world of DIY yarn ball winders . Congratulations to all of you that made one. Enjoy it.

1.And the first image is of Donna's yarn ball winder. She made it also beautiful not only functional.Good job Donna.

Youtube video showing the rotation of the my DIY yarn ball winder

I finally got around to make a video showing my winder in action in order to exemplify the movement of parts . Enjoy and email me if you have questions.