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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Last year's garden and mistakes

We moved into the new house and last year the garden plot was build from nothing.
At first everywhere was just dirt and mud since it was a new build, there was nothing on it. So the first thing I did was to establish a lawn so I would not see that pile of mud and get dirty every time I went outside ( especially if it had rain the previous days).
I plant some fruit trees, build vegetables raised beds, shrubs and tried some pathways (kind of wiggly now that I see them).
Here are the results after the first year.
The main mistake that I did was sowing turf everywhere and when I wanted to put in new plants it was difficult to remove it.
Second, I should have done a gravel path around the raised beds for easy maintenance.
Third,I haven't set the pathways properly , the one that I made is to narrow, too wiggly, leads to no focal point. ( I had plan to made an arbor bench surrounded by roses-hopefully this year I can do it).
Fourth, too much lawn requires more time to groom and maintain ( from mowing to fertilizing, etc)

Some good parts come out of this trial garden after all.
All the vegetables were started indoors from seeds and were a huge success ( great productivity)
I planted some perennial Lupins from seeds in early January and I had the surprise to have some of them flowering the same year ( mainly the blue ones). This year they will all flower ( I hope I have some white or pink ones that survived)
I also had some Gazania started indoors from seeds.
And of course the summer bulbs ( Gladiolus) are a no fail garden that will perform this year too.