Monday, November 25, 2013

The restless knitter -creative process of a new pattern

If you are like me, an avid knitter , I ask you when do you find the time for all projects that MUST be knitted? For me imagining knitwear or other crafts, it's quite easy , the realization however it's a different thing. It seems that the times flies too fast and I would like to finish more and faster. This is why I keep in handy a notebook where I sketch as soon as I have an idea and make some notes regarding yarn that I could use from my stash.

Upon finishing the project that I was working I get back to my sketches and pick up one that I consider to have more potential and develop the idea. After knitting up a sample, I start the actual garment piece and continue with the notes on the sketch , notes that will help compose a pattern , or maybe some particulars for some sizes. Non the less, knitting after a sketch is not without troubles. I think it happened to you too to finish a piece and you didn't liked a part of it and you had to rethink it , unravel and pick up again, hoping that this time it would look better.
In the end if all is well,once the piece is knitted and washed, blocked, while I wait for it to dry , I start writing up a pattern that takes me some time , depending on the details and calculus that implies for other sizes as well.
When all is done, checked and double checked,arranged and presentable,only than I release the pattern so that someone else may share my knitting dream. And all knitters will agree with me when I say that knitting is not for the faint-hearted considering that sometimes you have to unravel,start over or worse, even cut it up ( seeks I mean :) )


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